Trays, Baskets, Shelves


We have developed an ISO certified modular system for trays and baskets, which optimizes the flow of supplies from central storage through to the point-of-use. This allows modules – our common name for trays and baskets  – to be moved from one place to another instead of picking each item from shelf to shelf. These modules are crucial in our NoCount® logistic concept.


  • Conform to the international ISO size invented by Scan Modul®
  • Pre-perforated for mounting safety stops
  • Beaded edge for label holders
  • Inserts and partitions for compartmentalization
  • Available in a variety of materials, incl. autoclavable PC withstanding temperatures of up 140°C for short periods of time


Organization of your work environment

Our fully customizable solutions and large range of products allow us to meet any individual and demanding storage requirement.

Racks – ScanMo™

ScanMo™ is a flexible modular racking system designed for both angled and horizontal insertion. ScanMo™ racks will free up valuable floor space and reduce the risk of both stock shortages and obsolete products.

All our modules fit into the ScanMo™ Racks. When used in conjunction with our NoCount® logistics concept and our SpaceTRAX® supply chain software, even greater savings and efficiencies can be achieved as part of an integrated material management approach.

The ScanMo™ concept

ScanMo™ Racks are made of coated 41mm steel. We provide two depth options:
Type A = width 665 mm
Type B = width 465 mm

You can easily design your own ScanMo™ Rack with our “unit approach”. Start with a single unit and then choose the desired add-on units to make a complete system that fits your needs. We also provide an option to customize the ScanMo™ Racks for odd-size dimensions.

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Experience the timeless design of our ISO-modular cabinets

The minimalistic, modern style of our Cleanline cabinets gives a visual calmness to the surrounding environment.

The design is timeless, and they can be tailored to guarantee a perfect fit for any room. This gives you the ability to let them blend in perfectly with the building, or pre-existing furniture arrangements.

The CleanLine series can be easily recognised by the laminated doors, with soft rounded edges and the vertical handle in anodised aluminium.

Behind this calm appearance hides the potential for a highly efficient and organized interior. Each cabinet can be arranged and re-arranged with our ISO-modular baskets, shelves, trays, and other accessories, so that everything has its place.



A unified system with interchangeable modules

The full supply flow from warehouse to point-of-use involves excessive loading, re-loading, storing and picking of supplies. ScanModul® offers a vast storage & transport portfolio that optimizes this flow.
By having one unified system with interchangeable modules you gain a much smoother flow, as supplies stay organized throughout the process. You will also benefit from flexibility, as all modules fit into all units. This makes it easy to adapt to new conditions and reduce supply movement time, as you can do it module by module instead of item by item from shelf to shelf. Single, double or triple width. Small lightweight distribution trolleys or bigger transportation trolleys. Open or closed. Steel or aluminium. Vertical handles, swivel wheels, wheels with brakes, wheel bumpers and coupling-hooks. No matter which trolley you choose, it is well thought-out with ergonomically designed details that make transportation effortless.
Our first ScanModul® trolleys were delivered over 30 years ago and many of these products are still in use today. In our ongoing product development, we emphasize that our future solutions should always fit the existing system.

Easy Distribution

Lightweight and simple distribution trolleys allow easy access to the modules and a clear overview of the contents.


Various transport trolleys for every purpose: open, closed, modules & shelves.

Open steel

Our many different lightweight distribution trolleys and the wide range of accessories make it easy to configure a trolley specialized to fulfill the specific need in a department. The trolleys are made of powder-coated square metal tubing and designed to allow easy access to modules and a good overview of the content. In order to avoid bumping your legs, some of our trolleys are available with high ground clearance.


  • 4 swivel wheels
  • Made of 20 x 20 mm powder coated metal profiles with good corrosion protection
  • VARIO™ support rails fully compatible with our modular system
  • Optional mounts for VARIO™ relief wheels
  • Available in different colours. Standard colour is light grey

Open Transport

With solid handles and wheels, our open transport trolleys offer superb maneuverability. The trolleys are available in one, two or three sections with 10 pairs of VARIO™ support rails in each section. All trolleys are made of powder- coated square metal tubing and designed to provide easy access to the modules from both sides. Naturally, the transport trolleys are fully compatible with our modular system.


  • 4 swivel wheels and 4 bumper wheels
  • Made of 20 x 20 mm powder coated metal profiles
  • Truck coupling device and coupling hook available
  • Open transport carts can be equipped with lockable bars
  • Optional fitting of VARIO™ relief wheels that makes it easy to pull out heavy trays or baskets


Aluminium container trolleys provide optimum protection of items during transportation. The trolleys made of anodised aluminium are available in one, two or three sections and equipped with panels for straight insertion. All our aluminium container trolleys have solid handles and lockable doors.


  • Doors open 270° and are fitted with locks and rubber bead for tight closing
  • Bumper guard
  • 2 swivel wheels with brakes and 2 fixed wheels
  • Coupling-hook can be mounted
  • Optional truck-pull

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ScanCell – The high quality mobile storage solution

ScanCell® is our range of high-quality mobile storage solutions that utilizes our modular system of trays and baskets. The ScanCell® range is fully customizable and has a wide range of accessories which create a wealth of design combinations. ScanCell® products are built from high-quality materials which have been carefully selected to meet rigorous durability targets and strict hygiene criteria. The mobility of ScanCell® trolleys enables easier work processes for treatment procedures and greater access to surrounding areas when cleaning. ScanCell® is without a doubt the flagship within mobile storage solutions and we are not surprised that it has been a consistent source of inspiration for many manufacturers.

The ScanCell® System

Building on our ISO certified modular system for trays and baskets, you can customize your own trolley in four easy steps:

  • Choose a front for the trolley
  • Determine the trolley’s dimensions
  • Configure the trolley with trays and baskets
  • Equip the trolley with our wide selection of accessories

The ScanCell® series provides full flexibility in customizing a product to meet your criteria and needs, whilst being fully integrated into the overall modular system. Each trolley is fitted with four high-quality swivel wheels for increased maneuverability.

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