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Rent ScanModul® products instead of buying them

Many products from ScanModul® (Modular System, ScanCell-Carts and accessories, ScanMo-Racks and accessories) can also be rented through a no-interest financing and flexible transit terms up to 30 months.

SCANrental provides an opportunity to get high-quality products with favorable terms.

After transit terms, the products can be returned or exchanged for new products.
The exchange for new products at the end of the transit term is optimal, as products with up-to-date technical and functional status can be established in all areas.


5 years guaranty on the ScanModul® product assortment

ScanModul® ensures a 5 year guaranty on the ScanModul® product assortment (Modular System, ScanCell-Carts and accessories, and ScanMo-Racks and accessories).The only exception to this guaranty are the wheels.


10 years guaranty on ScanModul® hinges

Moreover ScanModul® ensures a 10 years guaranty on the ScanModul® hinges.


Should a problem arise during the  guaranty period, it will be corrected by ScanModul®. There will be either a repair or a replacement, with a new and equivalent product.