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About us

ScanModul® has been supporting partners worldwide in the healthcare industry for more than 40 years in the development and implementation of logistics solutions.
Today we no longer only look at processes in materials management.  SCANflow solutions combine technological developments and the  ability to capture data automatically from various aspects of hospitals’ operations resulting in further cost saving, safety and efficiency to the hospital.
With more than 80 qualified staff across Europe, we are able to call on a wide range of expertise to optimize our solutions.

History – an overview

1912 The company was founded in 1912 by Georg Larsson and originally provided catering trolleys to Danish hospitals.
1940 Larsson’s son – Ole Larsson – took the helm of the company and expanded its product offering to include hospital beds; trolleys and cabinets.
1972 ScanModul® developed the modular storage concept and introduced it to the Scandinavian market – the now standard 40x60cm system was born – the basis for the ISO 3394 standard.
2008 ScanModul® was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker.
2009 ScanModul® acquired Byrum to expand its leadership in the market.
2014 ScanModul® reverted to a private company when it was acquired by a group of private Investors.