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25. June 2024

New sustainability initiative : high quality baskets and liner panels from recycled ABS

As leading European company in logistical solutions for healthcare, ScanModul® is taking a significant step towards sustainability by committing to the use of 100% recycled plastic material for our products. This eco-friendly initiative is part of our broader strategy to reduce our environmental footprint and promote a circular economy.

By utilizing recycled plastics, ScanModul® aims to minimize waste, lower carbon emissions, and conserve natural resources. This transition not only demonstrates our dedication to environmental responsibility but also sets a benchmark for the industry, encouraging other businesses to adopt greener practices.

Through this bold move, ScanModul® is not only contributing to a cleaner planet but also meeting the growing customer demand for sustainable products.

The first range of articles which we can offer from 100% recycled materials are :

  • 2364251R               600 x 400 x 100 mm Recycled ABS baskets
  • 2364252R               600 x 400 x 200 mm Recycled ABS baskets
  • 1870020R               Type A VarioTilt Recycled ABS liner panels

These components are widely used for modular hospital logistics such as transport trolleys, cabinets and other storage solutions.

If you would be interested in further information, feel free to contact your trusted ScanModul®-Belintra sales representative.