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Intelligent storage with endless possibilities

Our design simplicity emphasizes a minimalist and serene environment. This modern design creates a visual calmness in the department. Behind this calm exterior is a highly functional diverse interior with endless possibilities. Each cabinet can be adjusted to meet the exact need in the department. Intelligent storage begins with intelligent modules. All of our modules can be easily transformed into smaller, custom tailored, exchangeable storage systems within themselves. The compartments adjust to fit the size of any item.

TopLine™ – Design and functionality with raw strength

TopLine™ is a series of cabinets with a minimalistic design that fit perfectly everywhere. The TopLine™ laminated door is characterized by its soft rounded edges and the unique visible vertical handle in anodized aluminium.
In TopLine™ quality and functionality are paramount and there are endless interior customization options where everything has its place. After these introductory pages, we will show you a selection of pre-configured cabinets complete with trays, baskets, etc. We have an extensive range of cabinet types including fire resistant cabinets, pass-through cabinets, scope cabinets and instrument cabinets. Many of these are shown in the sales list later in this chapter, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any special requests you may have.