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Organization of your work environment

Our fully customizable solutions and large range of products allow us to meet any individual and demanding storage requirement.

Racks – ScanMo™

ScanMo™ is a flexible modular racking system designed for both angled and horizontal insertion. ScanMo™ racks will free up valuable floor space and reduce the risk of both stock shortages and obsolete products.

All our modules fit into the ScanMo™ Racks. When used in conjunction with our NoCount® logistics concept and our SpaceTRAX® supply chain software, even greater savings and efficiencies can be achieved as part of an integrated material management approach.

The ScanMo™ concept

ScanMo™ Racks are made of coated 41mm steel. We provide two depth options:
Type A = width 665 mm
Type B = width 465 mm

You can easily design your own ScanMo™ Rack with our “unit approach”. Start with a single unit and then choose the desired add-on units to make a complete system that fits your needs. We also provide an option to customize the ScanMo™ Racks for odd-size dimensions.

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